“Pittsburgh’s Best Kept Secret”
Pennsbury Village Borough
1043 Pennsbury Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
P: (412) 279-7876
Office Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00 – 5:00pm
                     By Appointment Only
               No Walk-in Access Due To
                             CoVid 19
Borough Council E-Meetings

January General Council Meeting

Tuesday, January 12th
Zoom Room will open at 6:25pm

General Meeting starts at 6:30pm
Join Zoom Meetings by computer, tablet or smartphone:
Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 859 2947 4093
Passcode: 1977-2021
Dial in from any phone (audio only):
+1 646 558 8656  or
+1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 859 2947 4093
Password: 616154374

Borough News

Food Truck Tuesday’s – plus a few Sunday morning food trucks – will continue for 2021. Thank-you Cindy Magri, Borough Chairperson
Food Truck Tuesday’s, for organizing this. The schedule is attached:
food truck schedule 2021


Damage is more extensive than first thought. Buildings affected – #18, #20 and #21 – have water service. Water line replacement on Thurdsay, January 21, with water service disrupted. Roadway closure for at least the next week or more. All traffic for Carriage Circle and Countryview Court must use the Pennsbury Blvd South intersection with Carriage Circle.


Pet Registration 2021

Free until 01/31/21

All pets within the Borough must be registered yearly.  Don’t be caught without your 2021 pet tags!
See attachment for additional info:


Lock Your Car Doors
There have been some recent cars break ins. By locking car doors, you can prevent criminals from accessing your belongings.

Borough or Condo?

For matters concerning the swimming pool, tennis courts, community room rental, contact the Pennsbury Village Condominium Association at (412) 276-5100 or by email at office.pvca@verizon.net. Click on the following hyperlink for a list of the responsibilities of the Borough Council and of the Condominium Association, please visit the:
Borough Council and Condo Association Chart

Power Outages in Pennsbury Village

Do not contact the Mayor or Borough Council Members concerning power outages. Contact Duquesne Light Company to report an outage and receive outage updates:
Phone: 412-393-7000
Weblink: Duquesne Light – Report Power Outage

Our Wage Tax Code

                 PSD Code: 731003

Water Main Break

                      *** Updated Info***                        Major Water Main Break                         ***Updated Info***

New Update (01/18 12:36pm):  A temporary repair has been made to the waterline and water service is now back on to the affected buildings.  The water break turned out to be a triple break that spanned across the entire roadway.  The entire water line that broke will be completely replaced on Thursday of this week.  A new isolation valve will be added to the water line for building #18 at this time (buildings #20 and #21 now have these valves installed).
Water service will be disrupted for buildings #18, #20 and #21 starting about 9am Thursday morning.   These buildings should plan to not have any water service from 9am until 6pm.  If all goes well, buildings #20 and #21 should have their water restored first as the isolation valve to building #18 will be installed first and the water turned back on.  Building #18 will have to wait longer for their new supply line to be installed and flushed.  We will do our best to keep this as short a disruption as possible but things can go wrong and schedules may not be met.
Unfortunately, the road suffered heavy damage and for at least the next week or more, the roadway will remain closed.  The water running underground caused some undermining of the road surface.  We will be evaluating the safety of the roadway and also hope to do a temporary surface  repair to the dig site which spans across the entire roadway.  The road, at this time is totally impassable.  Emergency Services are aware of the road closure.  In the meantime, all traffic for Carriage Circle and Countryview Court must use the Pennsbury Blvd South intersection with Carriage Circle to access their homes.



Picture showing temporary repair and undermining of the roadway by the water.


Tree Removal in Pennsbury

.                                                                                   Tree Removal in the Borough

We wanted you to know that neither the Borough Government nor the Condominium Association is responsible for the current removal of trees within the Borough of Pennsbury Village.  The tree removal is being done by a contractor for the Duquesne Light Company.  They say that this is in response to the frequent power outages that we suffer.  Unfortunately, due to existing Public Utility Commission regulations, the Borough and the Condominium are powerless to stop this work.  Please know that the Borough Council and the Condominium Board will be working together to start a program to begin replacing some of these trees hopefully as soon this spring.  A project of this magnitude is going to take some time as this could be a very costly undertaking lasting a number of years.

Covid Friendly Pet Registration

.                                                                               Covid Friendly Pet Registration

.                    By law, all pets must be registered yearly with the Borough Office.

.                    Free during the month of January      $25.00 starting February 1st.


Place your pet’s current rabies vaccination certificate in a sealed envelope.  Write your name address, daytime and evening phone numbers on the envelope.  Deposit the envelope into the Borough’s drop off box located on the wall to the left of the Borough Office door in our commercial area.  The certificate with a collar tag will be delivered to you through your mail slot.


You may also scan your pet’s current rabies vaccination certificate, attach it to an email with your name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers and email it to the Borough.  A collar tag will be delivered to you through your mail slot.        boropv@comcast.net


Nestled in a rustic setting of wooded hills and green lawns are the 500 townhouse condominiums that comprise Pennsbury Village. Pennsbury Village’s Commercial area includes a popular restaurant and lounge, hair and tanning salon, a laundromat, the Pennsbury Village Borough Office, the Pennsbury Village Condominium Association office, and a community room that is available to residents for social functions such as graduations, receptions, baby showers, parties, and public meetings.

The Borough of Pennsbury Village maintains a basketball court and a children’s playground with an adjoining park that includes picnic tables and a grill.

The Pennsbury Village Condominium Association operates an Olympic-size swimming pool from late May until Labor Day. During the summer, the Pennsbury Village Condominium Association hosts a series of free concerts, staged at poolside. A variety of professional bands, orchestras and vocalists appear each year for the enjoyment of residents and the public.

The Pennsbury Village Condominium Association also maintains two-lighted tennis courts.

Please visit the Pennsbury Village Condominium Association’s website for information concerning their events and services.

Pennsbury Village is just 7 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh.

Settler’s Cabin Park is also just a few minutes away where the county operates a huge wave pool, picnic groves, hiking trails, and other facilities.

Settlers Ridge, a vibrant lifestyle center with a variety of restaurants, shops, the largest Giant Eagle Market District, and a movie theater, is just a couple of miles away.

The Mall at Robinson is located just 5 miles away, right in the heart of Robinson Townships’ bustling business district.

The Pittsburgh International Airport can be easily reached in 20 minutes.

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