Wage Tax Changes in Pennsylvania

Your Employer Must Now Deduct This Tax!

Everyone who lives in Pennsbury Village and earns an income must pay a 1% Earned Income Tax, also know as wage tax to the Borough.  The 1% is then split 50-50 with the Montour School District.  Up until now, some employers withheld and paid these for you, but others refused to do this putting the responsibility on the employee to pay quarterly, some times yearly, and sometimes, never. 

The Pennsylvania State legislature passed Act 32 which now requires your employer to withhold these taxes and pay them for you.  You will soon  receive instructions from your employer to fill out a form letting them know what taxing district you belong to.  The following information will help you fill out the form.

     If you are a resident of Pennsbury Village,
          Your municipality is: Borough of Pennsbury Village
          Your PSD Code is: 731003
          Your Total Resident EIT Rate is: 1%

Your employer should provide you with a form to complete.  If you need, one can be downloaded by clicking on the Form Download button below.  Also below is the link to the state website to look up other PSD Codes and a link to the Act 32 website to learn more about this change.






        The Borough Council
     The Condominium Board


What's the difference?      Who does what?


With many new residents in Pennsbury, we thought it was time to remind everyone that we are a very unique community with two governing bodies the Condominium Board and the Borough Council. The Condominium board members are elected at the annual unit owners meeting held in November while the Borough Council members are government officials and they along with the Mayor and Tax Collector are by the registered voters in Pennsbury in both the primary and general elections.


  • The Borough is responsible for the government-related activities of the community such as setting the budget, determining millage, and collecting taxes. The Borough Council also develops plans, laws, and ordinances to maintain and protect the community and the residents. These things include but are not limited to police, fire, ambulance service, and refuse contracts; road maintenance, including snow removal; management of the sewage treatment plant; care of the entranceway islands; pet registration and related animal control; and share responsibility for repair of water line breaks with the condominium. The Borough has held Town Hall meetings to provide residents with up-to-date information and sponsored food drives to help the local food bank. Fun things such as the sports court and Pennsbury Park are under the jurisdiction of the Borough
  • The Condominium is responsible for the everyday activities of the complex. Under the direction of Stevenson Williams Management Company and the Condominium Board, the maintenance crew is responsible for keeping Pennsbury looking good. They, alone or with the assistance of outside contractors, maintain the lawns; perform the landscaping; replace doors/windows/shaker shingles; repair and/or replace the roofs;  power wash and stain the decks; replace patio stones; repair the carports; prepare and administer the tennis courts and pool. Your commons fees provide a large part of the condominium budget which pays for the upkeep of the property as well as for water and gas for your individual unit and the community at large.

Attend meetings and become involved in both the Borough and the Condominium. This is your home. Invest some time in making it a place to be proud of.







The Coyotes Are Back in Pennsbury....... Yes, they are still here!!


The Pennsylvania Game Commission states that there has been a major increase of coyote sightings in Western Pennsylvania and Pennsbury Village is no exception.  Residents are now reporting multiple sightings of small groups of coyotes within the Borough.

Please do not attempt to approach or feed any wild animals.
  These animals are wild and unpredictable. They can cause injury to yourself and/or your neighbors.

Coyotes, for the most part, are afraid of humans and usually will run from you.  However given the heavy snow, cold weather, and lack of food in the wild, many smaller animals are venturing into more populated areas.  Because the larger animals use the smaller animals as a food source, they tend to follow them, where ever they go.  Normally they return to their normal habitat when the weather improves.  This year it seems that the coyotes have decided to stay the summer.

While we understand that it is human nature to want  to help feed the wildlife during the winter months, it is causing everyone a safety issue.  Feeding the smaller animals attracts the coyotes even closer to our homes.  We consider this to be a major safety issue to the public. 
Anyone caught feeding wild animals may be prosecuted by the Borough.

Pet owners should immediately take precautions when walking your pet.
  There is a very remote possibility that a coyote could try to attack a pet that is being walked on a leash.  Pet owners should immediately refrain from walking pets close to the boarding wooded areas of the Village, especially at night.  Cat owners, who illegally let there pets wonder outside off of a leash stand a good chance of never seeing their pet again.  You have been warned!    


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