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 The Borough's Secure Email Notification System

PENS   Pennsbury Emergency Notification Service

 Water Main Breaks........Road Closings........Maintenance Items.........Police Actions........Severe Road Conditions....
   Storm Damage.......Power Issues........Hazmat Incidents........Condominium Alerts........Treatment Plant Problems...

Here is your chance to sign up to receive instant notification of problems, emergencies, and other events that would have an effect on your normal way of life in the Borough of Pennsbury Village.  This service was inspired by the untimely water main break during the month of March.  Had this service been in operation at that time, you would have received a message on your business, home, personal, or mobile email alerting you to the problem at hand in a very timely manner.  Our email system is secured and your email addresses will never be sold as a mailing list.  Your email address will be protected from spam. 

Get first hand information so you can plan for any inconveniences that may occur.

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For times when a flyer through the mail slot,
is just not practical or doesn't arrive soon enough!

Sign up today to receive Emergency Notifications and Improtant Messages from the Borough delivered directly to your personal, work/business, and/or mobile email accounts.
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Please enter your name, house number, and pick your street.  Enter up to three email addresses per person.  Click on submit and a verification screen will show your information with a submitted status.  Click "return to form", then click "Home".  To remove your email address from the notification list, just click on "contact us" and sent your request to the webmaster.

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