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The New Tenant Registration Law


Ordinance #124 of 2009

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Attention:  All Landlords, August 2009 is Tenant Registration Month!












The Pennsbury Village Borough, keeping in line with other cities and municipalities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has passed a Tenant Registration Ordinance.  Landlords will now be required to register all the tenants living within each of their rental properties located in the Borough of Pennsbury Village.

The initial registration will begin August 1st, 2009 and run through September 15th, 2009.  Landlords will be required to register every tenant living within their rental properties regardless of age.  After September 15th, Landlords must notify the Borough, with-in 15 days, whenever a rental property becomes vacant and whenever the rental property is rented to new tenants.

Two very simple reasons.....Safety and Taxes!   The Borough is now required to provide the Police and Fire Departments with a list of rental properties and their occupants in case of an emergency.  We already know the occupants of units that are privately owned but rental units are always changing and in the past, we had no way of tracking them.  Now it is mandatory that we do.

Also, there is no denying that times are financially tight.  It is now more important than ever that we take steps to insure that everyone pays their fair share of the expenses for the municipal services that they use.  In the past, the Borough has lost revenue because some renters have ignored their duty to pay wage taxes for the municipal services they benefit from.  Now that times are financially tight it becomes very important to everyone who resides in Pennsbury Village that all tax money is collected.  This will help assure that we can keep taxes in Pennsbury to a minimum and still maintain the levels of service you are accustom to.  

Registrations, Updates, and Vacancy can be reported two different ways.  First you can call the Borough Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 5pm and request that paper forms be sent to you or you can download the paper forms here, or you can do all your registrations and notifications right here on-line.  First click on Download Worksheet and print this page.  Gather the required information.  Once you are ready, click on the Register Tenants Online button and complete the form.  Digitally sign the form at the bottom and hit Submit.  You are done!  We have tried to make this as simple as possible for you.  If you have any comments or questions, click on the Contact Us button and send us your message.

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Please be aware that there are fines ranging from $100 to $600 and imprisonment of up to 30 days for failure to comply.  There is a hope of continued low taxes and the added safety of your tenants and property when you do comply!

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