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The Need To Be More Careful!

We Have A Problem!

There have now been several reported incidents of delivered packages being stolen from door steps in the last two weeks.  Many, but not all of the incidents have involved packages that were delivered by the United States Postal Service.  Police no longer believe that these missing packages are an isolated incident or a delivery mistake.  Police now believe someone is targeting our community with this crime.  Most of the reports have been located in the area near the double car ports on Pennsbury Blvd.  A full police investigation has begun and they hope to have this crime solved quickly.  The Borough is meeting daily with the Police for updates.  The Borough is also scheduling a meeting with the Postmaster to explore a more secure delivery solution to USPS delivered boxes in Pennsbury Village.

I Am Expecting A Package Tomorrow!

If you are expecting a delivery, whether it is coming by Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS, it would be a very good idea to make arrangements with a neighbor to look out for the delivery and take the package in until you arrive home.  Fed Ex and UPS tend to deliver here late in the day so packages are not sitting out for extended periods.  USPS packages are delivered with the regular mail and tend to come earlier in the day.  It seems that these packages have been especially, but not solely, targeted. by the thief. 

How You Can Help!

If you see that a package was delivered to your neighbor, pick it up and take it in.  Write a quick note saying you have their package and slip it through their mail slot saying you are holding their package.  This will accomplish two things.  It will protect the package from theft and also remove a "Red Flag" from in front of your neighbor's home that screams "No One Is Home Right Now".   

I think I saw something!

If you see something that raises your suspicions, please call 911 immediately.  If it is suspicious to you it will probably be of  interest to the police.  We would rather investagate a bad lead and move on than let a good lead get away.

Most important of all......If you see anything suspicious.....Call 911 Immediately!

Thank you,

Mayor Lucy Harper
The Carnegie Police
Borough Council


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