Borough Of Pennsbury Village

1043 Pennsbury Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

(412) 279-7876





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Telephone Numbers
Borough Office 412-279-7876
Condominium Office 412-276-5100
Police - Emergency


Police - Non-Emergency 412-276-4245
Fire Department - Emergency


Paramedic Ambulance - Emergency


Animal Control Officer 412-279-7876
Tax Collector - Real Estate 412-276-6181
Tax Collector - Wage Tax 412-835-5243
Party Room Rentals 412-276-5100
Carport Rental 412-276-5100


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Town Homes for Sale and Rent

The Borough Office receives many inquires each week about the availability of Pennsbury town homes for sale or rent.  While there are a select few units that are rented out by private owners, the majority of homes available are for sale only.  The Borough office is not informed that a particular unit was up for sale until a closing on that property is scheduled.  The Borough therefore recommends that you contact any realtor in the 412 area code to inquire about any available homes.




























Refuse Pick-Up

The refuse cans are emptied each Thursday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. To prevent overflowing, please collapse large boxes and flatten them before placing in the bins. If a bin is full, please travel to another nearby can to deposit refuse. Keep top lids and side doors closed to prevent spillage and keep wildlife away.  Consider using one of the recycle bins for cardboard, newsprint, etc.

Do not attempt to place discarded appliances, furniture, mattresses or carpeting in the refuse cans - instead, contact the Condominium Office, at (412) 276-5100, to arrange for maintenance employees to come directly to your home to remove these items for a small charge.

Do not attempt to place any electronic device (televisions, stereos, computers, computer accessories, etc. in any dumpster.  This is now illegal and you will be fined!

Construction materials are not to be placed in the refuse bins.  This includes but is not limited to drywall, carpeting, sinks, counter tops, stone, concrete, wood, paint cans, etc.  You will be fined!

Residents are to remind their contractors that they are not permitted to use the bins.  Residents and contractors may contract with the Condominium Office to have this material removed from their units.  This is not only a Borough violation but a State DEP violation with large fines.

The dumpsters are for use by only the residents of the Borough of Pennsbury Village who have paid their refuse fees.  Use by anyone else, including non-residents, can result in an arrest and charges filed for theft of services. 


Borough Pet Registration and the Animal Control Ordinances

Dogs and cats must be registered annually in the Borough Office during the month of January. Bring proof that each of your pets have a current inoculation for rabies. There is no charge for the Borough registration when accomplished during the month of January or within 30 days of the animal's arrival in Pennsbury. Thereafter, the fee for registration is $25. A tag will be issued which is to be fastened to your pet's collar or harness. One of the main reasons for registration is to provide a means of arranging for retrieval of the animal should it get loose and be found by the animal control agency, the police or another resident.

Note:  Allegheny County also requires that dogs be registered each year with the County. Applications are available in the Borough Office.

All dogs and cats must be on a leash held by a responsible person when outside their home. Do not tie or chain animals to trees, doorknobs or other outside objects.  This is not only for the safety of the residents and other dogs/cats, but also for the safety of the pet. Fines will be imposed for anyone violating this ordinance.

Please remember to clean up after your dog. Animal excrement must be removed immediately by the pet owner who should carry plastic bags for this purpose when walking the pet. Carry a bag with you any time you are out walking the dog.

If you observe any resident violating these pet rules, please call Triangle Pet Control Service at (412) 771-7387 or the Borough Office at (412) 279-7876.  to report the offense.  Fines for violations of these regulations begin at $50.00 and can range to $300.00.


Firearms, Air Rifles, Bows and Arrows

Borough ordinances make it unlawful for anyone to discharge any air rifle, spring gun, BB gun, bow & arrow, firearm, or similar device within the confines of the Borough of Pennsbury Village.


Skate Boards and Roller Skates

The Borough has passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of skateboards and roller skates on all Borough streets, the Commercial Area, Pennsbury Park, and the Sports Courts.  Due to the number of complaints about careless skateboarders on our streets and damage done to the park, the Borough Council acted to prevent further incidents. 







POD (Portable On Demand) Storage/Moving Type Units

The Borough now has an ordinance for the use of Portable on Demand Storage units (PODS) and similar type storage/moving containers within the community.  Residents must file an application to the Borough prior to ordering the storage/moving container.  A fee of $25 must be paid at the time of application and will be good for a period of five (5) days from the date of delivery.  The Borough will assign the space in which the storage unit will be placed.  The Borough will work with the resident to have the container located as close as possible to the location the resident requests, however, public and traffic safety will rule all decisions for the selected placement.   If additional time is needed, one (and only one) five (5) day extension may be granted.  An extension application with an additional $25 fee must be made before expiration of the original permit.  Applications are available at the Borough Office.


Borough Council Meeting......   Tuesday, Feb 9th at 6:30pm in the Pennsbury Village Community Room           
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Tenant Registration Ordinance

An ordinance was passed by Borough Council that requires landlords with rental units in Pennsbury to register all tenants on an annual basis or within 30 days of new tenants moving into the  community. Similar ordinances have been passed in other communities for safety and security as well as for the tax benefits to the municipalities. Our ordinance went into effect on August 1, 2009.  All landlords should visit the Tenant Registration page for more information.