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This information has been published to serve as a guideline for all of our Pennsbury Village pet owners.  One of the Borough's primary responsibilities is pet and animal control.  In a condominium type environment where people live so close together, special steps must be taken so that the pets, their owners, and the non-pet owners may live happily and peacefully together. Laws were established when Pennsbury Village became a Borough in 1976.  They are meant to assure a harmonious relationship between all residents when followed.  These same laws also provide for monetary fines when they are not!  Thus the reason why we are taking this time to inform you of our pet laws.  Please read and follow these laws so everyone may enjoy Pennsbury Village to its fullest.

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Ordinance #18     "The Animal Control Laws"

 All Pets Must Be Registered Yearly In The Borough Office
Pet registration is free when accomplished during the month of January or within 30 days of the animal's arrival in Pennsbury. Thereafter, the fee for registration is $25. A current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented. A tag will be issued which is to be fastened to your pets collar or harness. The tag must be worn anytime the animal is "off the exclusive premises of it's owners." One of the main reasons for registration is should your pet "escape" and is found by another resident, the police, or our animal control personnel, it may be returned as quickly as possible without the chance of the animal being destroyed. Do yourself and your pet a favor.....register!  All dog owners please take note.  Allegheny County also requires you to register your dog with the County.  Applications are available at the Borough Office.                                          
All Pets Must Be Kept Under Restraint At All Times
All pets must be kept under restraint either by a leash, not to exceed eight feet in length and held by a responsible person, or be kept within the exclusive premises of its owner.  This means whenever a pet is outside of it's unit, no matter what the reason, it must be on a leash!  Animals may not be tied up to any object.  Do not tie or chain animals to trees, doorknobs or other outside objects.  The leash must be in your hand!


Pets Are Not Permitted To Become A Public Nuisance
Excessive, continuous, or untimely barking, molesting passersby, chasing vehicles, habitually attacking other domestic animals, or trespassing upon public or private property in such a manner as to damage property shall be deemed a nuisance. This will mean at date with a judge and costly fines.
Pet Excrement Must Be Removed At Once By The Owner
It shall be the duty of each owner of any domestic animal(s) to remove the excrement from any property within the Borough, to clean the affected area, and to carry on their person all instruments and materials necessary to remove the excrement and clean the affected area. Any owner who fails to so remove or clean shall be deemed in violation of the law. This seems to be Pennsbury's biggest problem. A hint....This is the violation we patrol the most for. Save some hard earned money and clean up after your pet! Your neighbors will greatly appreciate your efforts.
Pets Are Not Permitted In The Sports Court, Playground, or Park Areas
No pets of any kind, restrained (on a Leash or carried) or otherwise are permitted into the Sports Court area or the Pennsbury Park areas. The Condominium also wants you to know that by condo rules, pets are not permitted in the Commercial Area nor are they allowed to be tied on your deck/patio or tied to a tree, door knob, or other object.
Animal Control Officers Have Police Powers





All Borough Animal Control Officers have police powers. They will issue citations whenever the observe a violation or a resident files a charge of a violation. No person may interfere with, molest, or abuse any humane officer in the exercise of such powers. All animal control officers will be dressed in uniform and carry identification. They may drive either a marked or unmarked vehicle in the performance of their duties.  Animal complaints and violations can be reported directly to Triangle Pet Control Service at (412) 771-7387 or the Borough Office at (412) 279-7876.


$ Fines For Pet Violations $
Fines ranging from $50.00 to $300.00 plus court costs may be levied against anyone violating the animal control laws.
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