Borough Of Pennsbury Village

1043 Pennsbury Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

(412) 279-7876

Town Homes for Sale and Rent

The Borough Office receives many inquires each week about the availability of Pennsbury townhomes for sale or rent.  Please understand that all homes in Pennsbury Village are privately owned.  While there are a select few units that are rented out by their owners, the majority of townhomes available are for sale only.

We are the Government.  We do not sell or rent homes.  The Borough only learns that a home was available for rent, when the landlord registers the new resident as required by our laws.

Concerning homes for sale, the Borough office is not informed that any particular home was up for sale until a closing date on that property is scheduled.

If you are looking to rent or purchase a home in Pennsbury Village, the Borough recommends that you contact any realtor in the 412 area code to inquire about any available homes.  Many of the private owners who do rent their units do so through one of the local real estate agencies such as RE/MAX,  Coldwell Banker, etc.

Newspaper sources for sales and rentals would include the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The Tribune Review, The Suburban Gazette, and The Signal Item.

For information on the Condominium Association, please contact their offices at 412-276-5100 or see their website at:

Thank you,
The Borough of Pennsbury Village