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   Borough and School Taxes

Real Estate Tax Collector


                                Patricia Notaro
1043 Pennsbury Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205


        2015 Tax Rates:               Borough   4.60 mills
School   16.90 mills

   Refuse Fees

Refuse Fee Collector


                              Patricia Notaro
1043 Pennsbury Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

2015 Annual Refuse Fee is $100.00 when paid by
January 31, 2013.

If paid after January 31, the fee will be $100.00 + $5 per month interest and penalty for each month the fee is late.

   Earned Income Tax

Tax Collector



                             Jordan Tax Service
102 Rahway Road
McMurray, PA, 15317


Employer Withheld Wage Tax Is Now Mandatory In Pennsylvania.

See The Act 32 Information Below!



New Resident Earned Income Tax Form

Earned Income Tax Return Form

2011 Refuse Payment Form

2010 Refuse Payment Form





Act 32 Wage Tax Information for all Residents



Everyone who lives in Pennsbury Village and earns an income must pay a 1% Earned Income Tax, also know as wage tax to the Borough.  The 1% is then split 50-50 with the Montour School District.  Up until now, some employers withheld and paid these for you, but others refused to do this putting the responsibility on the employee to pay quarterly, some times yearly, and sometimes, never. 

The Pennsylvania State legislature passed Act 32 which now requires your employer to withhold these taxes and pay them for you.  You will soon  receive instructions from your employer to fill out a form letting them know what taxing district you belong to.  The following information will help you fill out the form.

     If you are a resident of Pennsbury Village,
          Your municipality is: Borough of Pennsbury Village
          Your PSD Code is: 731003
          Your Total Resident EIT Rate is: 1%

Your employer should provide you with a form to complete.  If you need, one can be downloaded by clicking on the Form Download button below.  Also below is the link to the state website to look up other PSD Codes and a link to the Act 32 website to learn more about this change.










Act 32 Website


Find My PSD


Rev 11/09
Residents of Pennsbury Village who receive earned income (salaries, wages, commission or other compensation) are required to pay 1% of gross income.

This tax is split between the Borough and the School District. If you are self-employed, use your net income to compute your tax payment.

There are no exemptions based on age or income level - high school students and senior citizens are required to pay the tax.

If not paid quarterly, your tax payment is subject to interest and penalty of 1% per month, from the time the tax was due until the time the tax is paid.

New residents should telephone Jordan Tax Service to receive earned income tax return forms or print and send the "New Resident Earned Income Tax Form" to Jordan Tax Service.

New residents should advise their employers, (if their wage tax is withheld) that payments are to be sent (payable to Borough of Pennsbury Village) to the above address for Jordan Tax Service.

All local wage tax must now be collected by your employeer.        Self employeed persons should contact Jorden Tax Service for instructions on how to pay their local wage taxes.             A Final Wage Tax Return for the previous year is due to Jordan Tax Service by April 15 of the next year......Even if you have your employeer withhold your local taxes for you, you must file a final return with Jordan Tax Service by April 15th.
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