New Dumpsters!

The Borough has awarded the winning bid for our next refuse collection contract to Valley Waste who was our lowest bidder. The current contract with Waste Management will end on the 30th of April.

Valley Waste has ordered brand new dumpsters for the Borough. Starting on Friday, April 9th at 7am, the excess parking area across for buildings #22 & #23 on Carriage Circle will be designated as NO PARKING. The new dumpsters will be staged in this area. Starting on Friday, Valley Waste will begin delivering the new dumpsters and storing them in the closed parking area. This will continue over the next week or so. The dumpsters will remain stored here until Thursday, April 29th.

On Thursday, April 29th, Waste Management will be doing its final trash collection. Our plan is simple. As a old dumpster is emptied, it will be removed to a temp staging area by Waste Management. One of the new dumpsters will then be installed in its place by Valley Waste. Waste Management will then begin removing their old dumpsters from the staging area.

Refuse collection will continue to be on Thursday of every week (Friday during a holiday week). Information on the new e-Waste and Hazard Waste Recycling programs will be distributed in May.

Everyone is probably asking what color are the new dumpsters. If you have ever seen a Valley Waste dumpster; it is a bright orange color. As part of our contract with Valley Waste, they have ordered us brand new dumpsters that will be finished in a new dark brown color.

Please, do not attempt to place any trash in one of the new dumpsters while they are in the staging area! They are not our dumpsters until April 29th.

Place all trash in the green dumpsters!

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