Pennsbury Spring Cleanup Days!

Date Change Due To Road Paving Schedule Change
Coming June 25th to June 27th

The Borough of Pennsbury Village’s annual “Pennsbury Spring Cleanup Days” was delayed this year due to the road construction project. We are now happy to announce “Pennsbury Spring Cleanup Days” will be held from Friday, June 25th until Sunday June 27th. For planning purposes please keep in mind the rules for using the large roll-off dumpsters as there are fines not only from the Borough but also from the State of Pennsylvania for those who ignore them.

1. No refrigerators, freezers or air conditioning units unless a certificate of professional freon removal is attached to the product and the doors have been removed (if applicable) may be placed in the roll offs !

2. Absolutely NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Computers, Monitors, Printers, Tube Type TVs, Flat Screens, VCRs, Stereos, Microwaves, etc. See the E-Waste program below.

3. Old BBQ Grills are acceptable but absolutely NO PROPANE TANKS!

4. No hazardous household waste (HHW). Chemicals, Paints, Cleaners, etc. See the HHW program below.

5. All dumpsters and roll offs are for the Personal Use by Pennsbury Residents Only! CONTRACTORS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE ANY DUMPSTER IN PENNSBURY. Anyone caught placing anything in any dumpster or roll off that is not a resident residing in Pennsbury Village will be charged with theft of services.

6. When placing items in the dumpster, please walk into the dumpster and stack items so others will have room to add their items. Do not just drop items in the opening and block the opening for others.

7. Do not stack items higher than the top of the dumpster walls. If the dumpster is full; take your items to the other dumpster.

8. If both dumpsters are full, you must take your items back home. Nothing is to be left on the ground beside any dumpsters or roll off container. There are other arrangements available to you. Contact the Condominium’s office for information on their Helping Hands program.

9. Did you know the Borough has some really great hi-res night vision cameras?

Please follow these rules so this program can be continued. For many of the items that can not be placed in the roll off dumpsters, we have the E-Waste Recycling and the HHW (Hazardous Household Waste) programs.

The Borough has included E-Waste Recycling (E-Waste) and Household Hazardous Waste Recycling (HHW) as part of the new contract with Valley Waste Service Inc. These services are provided to you as part of your yearly refuse fee. Information on Valley Waste’s “E-Waste” and “HHW” programs has been delivered thru your mail slot. In order to take advantage of either of these programs, you must contact Valley Waste for a reservation. They will provide you with special collection bags/boxes for these items. They will send you information as to when and where to place these bags/boxes with your items. Be sure to save this information for future reference. E-Waste is available once a month and HHW is available once a quarter. This information is also available on our website under the “Services” tab and clicking on “Refuse Pick-Up“.

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Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.
The Borough of Pennsbury Village

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