Power Study

Not only has the Borough has been in talks with our State Representative, the Hon. Anita Kulik, and the Duquesne Light Company over the tree removal issue but also the numerous power outages that we have been experiencing. Duquesne Light has agreed to begin a power study of the Borough. As there are two major power feeds that deliver power to Pennsbury Village, one home on each feed circuit has been chosen for the study. Duquesne Light Company will monitor the power being delivered to these two homes using their smart meters. Any power disruptions will be logged. At the end of the study period, any outages will be evaluated to see if we have a problem, where it is coming from and what action needs to be taken.

A big Thank You goes out to Councilperson Barb Cinpinski, the Hon. Anita Kulik and the Duquesne Light Company for making this happen!

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