New Trees Coming To Pennsbury

At our August Council Meeting, we were happy to announce that Duquesne Light Company will be providing funds to replace 35 of the trees that were removed within the Borough. For the last couple of months, our Borough Councilperson and Director of Community Affairs, Barbara Cinpinski, has been working with our State Representative, the Hon. Anita Kulik, and the Duquesne Light Company on the recent tree removal and power outage issues.

Duquesne Light has agreed to provide the Borough with 35 replacement trees valued up to $75 each. Duquesne Light Company will be giving us a list of nurseries to work with and a list of the approved trees and shrubs that will not interfere with the power lines. The Borough will be working closely with the Condominium Association on the choosing and planting of the new trees.

A big Thank You goes out to Councilperson Barb Cinpinski, the Hon. Anita Kulik and the Duquesne Light Company for making this happen!

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