Village Wide Overnight Water Shutoffs

Wednesday, May 26th at 10 PM and
Thursday, May 27th at 10 PM

Part of the Borough’s 2021 Road Project includes major work in the entrance way and Community Court. Because the road way will be dug up, we are taking the opportunity to do some needed work on Pennsbury’s water lines.

New isolation valves will be added; one near the entrance way and another on Community Court. These new valves will enhance our ability to isolate water main breaks in the future. A failed isolation valve on Carriage Circle will be replaced. A fire hydrant and it’s service valve, that is nearing the end of its service life, will be replaced on Community Court. A new storm water pipe will be installed across the exit side of the entrance way at Baldwin Road. Two way traffic will be maintained on the entrance side of the road way. During these outages, we will also be exploring a possible water service line leak at building 1 on Pennsbury Blvd.

The first shut off will occur on Wednesday evening at 10:00 PM and should end by 5:00 AM on Thursday morning. The second outage will occur on Thursday evening at 10:00 PM and should end by 5:00 AM on Friday morning.

Due to the large number of people working from home and in order to disrupt the fewest number of people, the decision was made to do this work overnight. In the areas where this work will be performed, we will try our best to keep the noise level to a minimum. We do apologize in advance if we disrupt your sleep.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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