Overnight Water Shutoff #2

Monday, Sept 27th Starting at 10 PM

The Borough will be completing the replacement of the fire hydrant on Community Court that is nearing the end of its service life. The water shut off will definitely affect building #5 located on Community Court and all of the Commercial Area Businesses. However, depending on how well the water shutdown process goes, it may also require that buildings #2, #3, #4, and #19 on Pennsbury Blvd, buildings #14, #15, #16 on Colony Court, buildings #8, #9 on Pennsview Court and building #7 that is half on Pennsview Court and half on Community Court to be shut off.

The water shut off will begin on Monday evening at 10:00 PM and should end by 5:00 AM on Tuesday morning.

Community Court will remain open to traffic and parking. The far end of Community Court by the fire hydrant and the parking spaces currently marked as “No Parking” will remain closed until at least Wednesday. Only two addition parking spaces will be posted as No Parking for safety reasons.

Every time we dig to access our waterlines, we are met with something that we were not expecting. When we attempted to replace the hydrant on September 16th, we were met with three surprises. A pipeline that was on our plans turned out not to exist. A pipeline that was not on our plans turned out to exist. Also the hydrant connection to the main line turned out to be much deeper than our plans showed thus requiring a special order for a hydrant extension assembly and an additional water shut off. The water line that no one knew about was the cause of a flood of water into our pit which in turn caused an emergency water shut off that affected many additional buildings for about an hour.

While we hope to only shut off one residential building, it will require that an untested valve, that was just discovered, to work correctly. If the valve does not work correctly, we will be forced to shut off all of the buildings listed above. The shut off is scheduled to occur between 10PM and 5AM as to affect the least number of people as possible.

We do recommend that you may want to store a bucket of water so you can flush and a pitcher of water for drinking. Better to prepare and not need it than not prepare and need it!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Borough of Pennsbury Village

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