Ordinances & Legal Notices

Its The Law

These are summarizations of a few of the more commonly requested Pennsbury Village Borough Ordinances.

If you are interested in reading the complete ordinance, please contact the Pennsbury Village Borough office.

Summarization of Ordinance No. 114 – Skateboards, Roller Skates, Street Skates, and Scooters

Summarization of Ordinance No. 118 – Disorderly Conduct

Summarization of Ordinance No. 138 – Rental Unit Licensing & Registration
Click here to obtain a pdf of the Borough of Pennsbury Village Tenant Occupancy Registration Form

Summarization of Ordinance No. 139 – Alcoholic Beverages – Open Containers

Ordinance No. 145 – Revising Annual Inspection and Registration Cost – Revising Unit Inspection Requirement


Pending Legislation – Legal Notices

These are published downloads of pending legislation that is required by law to be advertised to the public and is due to be voted on at the next General Council Meeting usually within the next 10 days.

Ordinance No. 153 Setting the tax rate for the Borough’s 2022 Real Estate Taxes – Coming Soon

Notice of Intent to Adopt 2022 Proposed Budget – Coming Soon

Calendar of the Borough’s 2022 Meeting Schedule
Coming Soon

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