Refuse Pick-Up

Our new refuse collection contractor is Valley Waste Service. Our dumpsters will be emptied each Thursday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm except on holidays when the pickup will be on Friday.

To prevent overflowing, collapse large boxes before placing them in the dumpsters. If a dumpster is full, find another available dumpster nearby. NEVER PLACE REFUSE ON THE GROUND NEXT TO A DUMPSTER. YOU WILL BE FINED! Keep top lids and side doors closed to prevent spillage and to keep wildlife away. ALWAYS LATCH THE DOORS AFTER INSERTING YOUR TRASH! This is to keep the raccoons from spreading trash all over our grounds or worse yet, finding a racoon staring up at you when you go to place your trash in the dumpster.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLACE DISCARDED APPLIANCES, FURNITURE, MATTRESSES OR CARPETING IN OR NEXT TO A DUMPSTER. Contact the Condominium Office, at (412) 276-5100, to arrange for maintenance employees (also known as “Helping Hands”) to come directly to your home to remove any items NOT permitted in the dumpsters, for a small fee. The Helping Hands fee is quite a bit cheaper than the fines and costs!

Dumpsters are for household trash only! CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE PLACED IN THE DUMPSTERS. This includes, but is not limited to drywall, carpeting, sinks, counter tops, stone, concrete, wood, paint cans, etc. CONTRACTORS WILL BE FINED, IN ADDITION TO THE RESIDENT OWNER! This is not only a Borough violation but a State DEP violation with very large fines. Inform your contractor before work starts on your unit that they are NOT permitted to use the dumpsters.

The dumpsters are for use by only the residents of the Borough of Pennsbury Village who have paid their refuse fees. USE BY A NON_RESIDENT WILL RESULT IN AN ARREST AND CHARGES FILED FOR THEFT OF SERVICES!

E-Waste and Household Hazardous Waste Programs

Do not attempt to place any electronic device (televisions, stereos, computers, computer accessories, etc.) in any dumpster including the large SPRING CLEAN UP dumpsters. This is now illegal and you will be fined! Residents in Pennsbury Village have access to a convenient service to properly dispose and recycle Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-WASTE (electronics) items – safely easily and responsibly. HHW items include paints, household cleaners, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), automotive products, garden chemicals, batteries, and more. E-Waste items include televisions, stereos, computers, VCRs, DVDs, small appliences and more.
This service is in addition to your waste service provided by Valley Waste Service and there is no additional cost for you to participate. E-Waste is done once monthly and HHW is done once a quarter. You must register in advance in order to receive the required collection containers and instructions for the pickup.

To participate, you must set up a collection appointment. There are three ways to schedule a collection:

Click Here: For more information, check out this flyer that provides additional details about these services.

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