Bear Sighting On Carriage Circle

Are There Bears in Our Area?

Yes, and it may surprise you, but they have always been here. You may not have known about them because they normally stay away from us. Before you say you are shocked, remember, we do not live in the city. We live out in the country. As more building continues in our area, wildlife is being displaced. We are also seeing more wildlife due to another reason…easy food!

Some people seem to think that it is a good idea to feed wildlife and feral animals; however that is wrong! By feeding these animals, you are not only destroying their natural instinct to hunt for food, you are attracting the predators of those animals. While feeding a stray cat may seem very humanitarian, it also attracts other wildlife. By placing food on your deck or patio, you are not only attracting the cat, you are also attracting animals like mice, rats, rabbits and raccoons. Since these animals are hanging out close to our homes, they are now attracting their predators, coyotes, and of course, bears. Now you are putting yourself and your neighbors in harm’s way.

Did you ever ask the Condominium Association why it is against their regulations to have a bird feeder? According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, one of a bear’s favorite treats is suet. Suet is bird feed. The birds eat the feed which falls to the ground. Mice and rabbits are attracted to the feed. Raccoons and foxes are attracted to the mice and rabbits. The coyotes and bears are attracted to the raccoons and foxes so now we have bears coming even closer to our homes.

As you may have already heard, we are getting brand new dumpsters at the end of this month.  The new dumpsters will have the plastic doors on them.  All dumpsters will be modified with the latch that was designed by Sonny and the Condo‚Äôs maintenance staff.  It has been tested throughout the Village and is shown to be 100% effective and easy to use. Make sure you close the dumpster door and lock it after the latch has been installed. This will further prevent feral animals and wildlife from seeking an additional food source.

A bear was spotted at 4:45 a.m. on Friday morning walking behind a building on Carriage Circle that is across the ravine separating Pennsbury Village from the Chartiers Country Club. The bear was also spotted at the intersection of Baldwin Road and Country Club Drive. Robinson Township Police, Carnegie Police and the PA Game Commission are aware of the bear sightings and believe this is the same bear that has been sighted on the golf course for the last few years.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission have advised the following:

If you have a bird feeder; get rid of it now! It is not permitted by Condominium Regulation and it attracts more than birds.

If you are placing food outside on your deck or patio; stop now! It is not permitted by Condominium Regulation and Borough law!

If you are letting your pet outside to roam free; stop now! This is not permitted by Condominium Regulations and Borough’s animal control laws. Remember: Wildlife does not know the difference between pets and food.

The Borough and the Condominium Association will be cracking down on violators.

The Bottom Line: The bears really do not want anything to do with us and will leave us alone as long as we leave them alone. Usually, they only attack if you corner them or threaten their cubs. Should you sight the bear, please notify the Carnegie police and the PA Game Commission at 1-724-238-9523 . It should go without saying, never try to pet or feed wildlife. There is a reason they are referred to as WILD-life.

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