Traffic & Parking Line Painting

UPDATED 7/16 @ 5:00 PM

We were successfully able to complete the line painting on Community Court and Pennsbury Blvd. We were not able to complete the line painting in the entrance way before the rains came. We will reschedule this for a future date.

The good news is that everything with the road project that still needs to be completed can be done without anymore parking restrictions! No more moving your cars at 6 AM!

To all the residents that had to move your vehicles many times, we thank you! Enjoy your new road ways.


Friday, July 16th 6 AM to 5 PM

The Borough’s contractors will be line painting in the newly paved areas on Friday, July 16 (weather permitting of course). Community Court and the newly paved area on Pennsbury Blvd. will become NO PARKING zones starting at 6 AM. Please remove your vehicle so we may paint the parking lines and install the concrete tire blocks.

Community Court should be reopen to parking and unrestricted travel within an hour after painting is completed.

Pennsbury Blvd parking (in front of building #1) will be reopened for parking within an hour after painting is completed. Watch for the NO PARKING signs to be removed.

Line painting in the entrance way will cause some temporary traffic restrictions. Two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the day. Very minor delays may be possible. Please follow the directions of the traffic safety personnel.

Again, everything is “weather permitting”!

Areas below shaded in yellow below will be NO PARKING and RESTRICTED TRAVEL.

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